The First 24

Within 24 hours of arriving home, I will be there to help begin the transition of your new life and family. 

Feeding Support

Whether bottle, breast, or a little of both, I will encourage you and your decision. Together we will build your confidence in giving your baby nutrition and establishing expectations for you both. 

Establishing A Routine

Newborns typically laugh in the face of routine, and simple daily tasks can have an amazing impact on you and your support person as you adjust to your new life. I'll help create a sense of order among the new "normal."

Sibling Support

The transition period for older siblings can be difficult. I can help ease your "first baby" into the role of big sister/brother by playing, interacting, and demonstrating how a family of 4+ feels. 

Household Help

Maintaining a household should be a mother's last worry when bonding with her newborn. I'm there to help with high priority chores such as laundry, feeding pets, accompanying Mom on errands, and dishes.

Contact Me

Each family and experience is different. My role in your life will include more than what is listed here. For more information and price/package options, please contact me. 

*As your doula, I will not...
  • Perform any medical or clinical tasks or procedures

  • Diagnose any physical or mental ailment

  • Watch children without the mother in the home (babysit)

  • Visit the home without the mother present

  • Drive mother, baby, and/or other children

  • Deep clean the house

  • Project my feelings or beliefs of any matter onto you

Contact Me

I can't wait to join you and your blossoming family on this journey. For more information or any questions, please contact me below. 

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