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Sowing the seeds of confidence and compassion for mother and child. 

Serving Frederick, Clarke, Warren, & Shenandoah county and nearby areas. 

My Story

Hello and welcome! I'm so happy you've found Dandelion Doula Service! My name is Jayne Hott, and I am a postpartum doula.

Evidence based support and care for new and growing families is a passion of mine. As a mother of two and a survivor of postpartum depression, I understand that the fourth trimester is a precious time for a mother, newborn, and whomever else may be involved in the family. It is also a time of adjustment and change. Without sufficient support, everyone involved can suffer.  

As a survivor of PPD, I know the emotional toll a newborn can take on a new mother - particularly if the child is a surprise, such as mine was. Mothers need a support person who can relate to where they are during this vulnerable time. I hope to be that support person for you!

I believe that no family should look back negatively at this time in their lives. I want to help you learn, grow, and simply savor these days with your newest addition. It will be hard, trying, and frustrating to say the least, but I will be there in those early days to soften the shock and instill confidence that yes, Mama, you're doing just fine.

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Seeds and Blossoms


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I can't wait to join you and your blossoming family on this journey. For more information or any questions, please contact me below. 

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